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FAQ - Electricity Bill Name Change

1. In cash: At any of the regional MSEDCL counters or at e-seva kendras


2. By Cheque: Cheque should be in the name of 'MSEDCL', please make sure to write your consumer no. and contact no. at the back of the cheque


3. Online: To pay your electricity bill online, go to MSEDCL's web self service

         a. Click on 'View/Pay Bill' on the left of the home page of the website

         b. You only need to enter your consumer no and billing unit (BU) to view and pay the bill

         c. You can use your debit card, credit card, internet banking and mobile banking to make the payment


If you want to know the approximate charges for your electricity connection, you can use "Consumption Calculator" option on MSEDCL's Web Self Service website.

Electricity bill serves as an address proof for your property.


Most government agencies, financial and insurance companies require address proof for completing their formalities and hence accuracy of the Electricity bill is very important.


The information such as name of owner, address mentioned in the Electricity bill should be accurate and up to date.

The name on the Electricity bill needs to be changed in the event where there is a transfer of property.


Most buyers overlook and miss updating the name in the official records such as Electricity bill.

Every property buyer must be aware of the fact that updating the official MSEB records is equally important as getting the transfer deed (sale deed, gift deed etc.) registered.


All the bills and receipts will be generated in the name of the old owner, if the new buyer of the property will not initiate the name change in the electricity records.

Usually after the submission of the documents it takes about 1 to 2 months(As per billing cycle) to get the name changed in the records done.

If connection is 1-phase residential then the transfer fee is Rs.50/- and for 3-phase residential connection the transfer fee is Rs.100/-.


Difference of security deposit as per sanctioned load.

MSEDCL charge Rs.500/- per KW. If sanctioned load is 5KW then 5*500=2500/- is the total security deposit.


But if you have paid security deposit of Rs.1000/- then the difference between calculated security deposit as per sanctioned load and previous paid security deposit i.e. 2500-1000=1500/- needs to be paid at the time of the name change.