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Online Registration of Leave-License Agreement

FAQ - Police Verification Tenant

1. In the last few years, Pune has been hit by terrorist activities such as bomb blasts near German Bakery, Jangli Maharaj road and Karaskhana Police Station and terrorist threats to reputed IT companies in Pune.


2. To curb such activities, Police Authorities and Anti-terrorism squads have issued orders that ALL owners should mandatorily submit information of tenants to the local police authorities.


3. Police authorities check the background of the tenants for any terrorism activities.


4. As per government notification tenant verification is necessary to avert "grave danger to human life and safety" and to prevent injury to public property.


5. Reprimanding a house-owner for taking in tenants without verification, court have sent owners to jail for three months, saying owner’s carelessness could have resulted in "anti-social elements and sometimes terrorists" escaping from the "arm of the law".



1. Download the application form the Pune Police Website: 'Form'


2. Fill up the form , paste recent photographs of the tenant and owner (landlord) on the application form.


3. Attach photocopy of the registered Leave and License Agreement between the owner and the tenant.


4. Attach copy of tenant’s government issued Identity proofs such as PAN card, Driving license, Aadhar Card, Passport etc. In case the numbers of adult tenants is more than one, then you need to fill one form for every tenant and attach the respective documents above mentioned for every tenant individual.


5. Attach copy of tenant’s employment letter or his company id proof


In Person


1. If you are unable to submit it online, all these documents along with the duly filled forms have to be submitted to the nearest police station.


2. Also get an acknowledgment on the photocopy of the form submitted since you will need to submit a copy to the Society office.

Owner should complete these formalities after the leave and license agreement is signed.


Most societies now require the owner to submit the police verification of the tenant to the society office and obtain NOC before tenant moves in.

It is compulsory for owners to re-submit tenant information to the police on renewals of agreements.


This is to check if tenant has been involved in anti-social elements since the last time when the information was submitted to the police.