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FAQ - Reconnection of Electrical Meters

1. All property owners (called consumers) have to pay electricity dues to MSEDCL each month which is the charge for the consumption of electricity.


2. MSEDCL charges a minimum fixed amount per month even when the house is locked.


3. Owners are given a period of 10 to 15 days to pay the bill.


4. In the event, a owner fails to pay 2 consecutive bills within the due date, supply of electricity is disconnected i.e. supply wires are removed from meter (called temporary disconnection)

If the owner doesn't clear the arrears even after 6 months of removing the wires (temporary disconnection), MSEDCL removes the electricity meter.


This is also known as permanent disconnection.(P.D.) and requires the owner to apply for a new connection.

1. Consumer should make an application in A-1 form at the MSEDCL section office for domestic/commercial meters and at Sub-division/division for industrial meter along with no objection certificate.


2. MSEDCL conducts a load survey and then gives a quotation (called FQ) for the charges which includes Service connection charges, Service Line Charges and Security deposit.


3. After payment of above charges the consumer has to submit a Testing report from the Licensed electrical contractor.


4. MSEDCL will then assign and install a new meter as per availlability of meters.

MSEDCL takes anywhere from 20 to 80 days to install the new meter after submitting all the required documents.(It is dependent on the availability of meter)