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Online Registration of Leave-License Agreement

Police Verification of tenant

Police Verification of tenant  (Tenant Information forms to Police)

Owner and tenants need to fill-up and sign forms provided by usand provide these documents:

Documents needed from tenant:  (for each adult member 18+ years )


  1. Two photos

  2. ID proofs: Copies of at least 3 of the following :
    • A) PAN Card
    • B) Indian Passport - first & last page
    • C) Aadhar Card
    • D) Driving license
    • E) Voting ID card

  3. Copy of company ID proof or HR letter

Documents needed from owner:

  1. Copy of the notarized or registered Leave and License Agreement
  2. Two photos of the owner
  3. PAN card copy
  4. Ownership proof: E.g. Property tax bill, Electricity Bill or Index 2
  5. Copy of Power of Attorney if POA holder is signing the form

700 property owners were arrested in Pune last year for not submitting tenant information to the police