Online Registration of Leave-License Agreement

Police Verification of tenant

Police Verification of tenant  (Tenant Information forms to Police)

Owner and tenants need to fill-up and sign forms provided by usand provide these documents:

Documents needed from tenant:  (for each adult member 18+ years )


  1. Two photos

  2. ID proofs: Copies of at least 3 of the following :
    • A) PAN Card
    • B) Indian Passport - first & last page
    • C) Aadhar Card
    • D) Driving license
    • E) Voting ID card

  3. Copy of company ID proof or HR letter

Documents needed from owner:

  1. Copy of the notarized or registered Leave and License Agreement
  2. Two photos of the owner
  3. PAN card copy
  4. Ownership proof: E.g. Property tax bill, Electricity Bill or Index 2
  5. Copy of Power of Attorney if POA holder is signing the form

700 property owners were arrested in Pune last year for not submitting tenant information to the police

Click here to view the Police commissioner order for landlord and tenant.